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Mrs. Dijkstra's math class

We are proud that Thurston students, staff, parents, and our community work together to create a culture of the highest academic and relational standards. Thurston students, along with our staff, make academic and social contributions in an environment that values and accepts all learners.

Different Ways We Promote Collaboration:

  • Curriculum aligned to state and national standards.
  • Teacher growth model encouraged by student, and professional, learning goals.
  • Research-based teaching.
  • Sequenced curriculum that promotes college and career readiness.
  • Cultivating healthy relationships—students-to- student, staff-to-student, staff-to-parents, and school-to-community.
  • Teacher-to-teacher observations.
  • Community partnerships.


Curricular and ExtraCurricular Opportunities

Thurston High School offers learning opportunities geared for student interest and academic success.

Our challenging and rigorous core academic classes are focused on skill building and college and career readiness.  State requirements in mathematics and English, reading and writing, are met head-on with rich learning opportunities in all subjects from Architecture to Zoology.  Reading and writing strategies are integrated across the curriculum, mathematics are aligned with State Standards, and our Science curriculum promotes critical thinking and problem-solving.

Opportunities for Fine Arts are among the best in the state –painting, sculpture, drawing, design, marching band, drama, symphony, woodwinds, percussion, and dance.

  • CTE Pathways include woodshop, metal fabrication, robotics and computer science, architectural drafting, forestry, business, culinary arts, child development, video media production, health sciences, and many more electives round out our comprehensive course offerings.
  • Athletics are encouraged and are strongly related to academic achievement consider participation in football, soccer, basketball, swimming, softball, golf, track, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, cross-country, baseball, and our 4-time State Champion co-ed cheerleading team.
  • Club participation is related to achievement and civic participation and includes gay-straight alliance, well-water testing, multicultural club, DECA and student VOICE, just to name a few.

Thurston staff is dedicated to preparing our students for post-secondary success. Our challenging and rigorous core academic classes, in conjunction with our unique ability to build strong relationships, creates an instructional, academic, and behavioral focus that builds the necessary skills for students’ success in the 21st century.

Reading and writing strategies are integrated across the curriculum. Math classes are aligned with rigorous state standards that promote authentic understanding. The science curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking and problem-solving that prepares students for careers in science and engineering, and our CTE pathways are a growing opportunity for students in rapidly developing technical fields.

Thurston also offers an array of Advanced Placement (AP), College Now, and Honors Options.


Plan Your Academic Journey

Download a copy of the official Thurston High School Curriculum Guide, which includes brief descriptions of all required and elective coursework. Students should use this guide to make choices that reflect their interests, future goals, and ambitions. Families and students are responsible to know the general policies and rules that govern Thurston High School, download a copy of the THS Student Handbook.