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Construction Technology

 Wood teacher Matt Labounty instructing students

The woods program offers hands-on, project-based instruction in wood technology using hand tools, power tools and industry standard machinery, including CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment.  While you learn skills that you can use for a lifetime, including those that may earn you a job in the construction or wood products manufacturing industry.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic woodworking procedures, safely and accurately utilizing a variety of hand and power tools, acquired in the Introduction to Woodworking course.
  • Apply intermediate woodworking techniques learned in the Creative Furniture - Technology class, emphasizing safety, machine set-up, manufacturing, planning, and design skills, specifically related to custom and industrial furniture construction.
  • Acquire intermediate skills in cabinet making and design through a combination of classroom instruction, textbook work, demonstrations, and hands-on practice. Construct either an upper or lower cabinet as a practical application of learned skills.
  • Explore advanced machine tool operations with a focus on milling and lathe operations in the Computer-Aided Manufacturing course. Emphasize the use of computer-aided milling and lathe software, with demonstrations in the foundry to illustrate mass production methods for machining projects.
  • Develop advanced technical and procedural skills in woodworking through the Advanced Woodworking course, catering to students with a serious interest in the field. Provide the equipment, facility, and necessary resources to produce high-quality furniture, cabinets, or decorative woodworking projects, with the possibility of students contributing to the cost of larger-scale projects.

Possibilities After Graduation

Classes in the pathway include: Introduction to Woodworking, Cabinetmaking and Design, Creative Furniture Technology, Advanced Woodworking, Construction, and Leadership Projects.

Career possibilities include: Carpenter, Residential/Commercial Construction Worker, Project Manager. 

Annual Salary Range: $22,500 - $95,000+

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