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Special Programs

Special Programs provides the instruction and support to assist students with specific learning needs in achieving their goals. Special Programs provides specially designed instruction in English and math in both the general education setting through co-teaching and/or in the self-contained classroom setting. All students have access to Transitions classes to receive general support in academics and specific instruction in high school and post-high school readiness based on students grade level. Students with goals in organization, behavior, or social communication have access Social Development. 

Lukian Efseaff, English Language Arts and 9th grade specialist -
Jess Horowitz, Science and 9/10th grade specialist -
Tiny Galago, English Language Arts, Social Development, and 10th grade specialist -
Natalie Nicholls, Math and 10/11th grade specialist -
Chris Newell, Science and 11/12th grade specialist -
Teala Hill, Math and 11/12th grade specialist