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If your student is absent or tardy to any class please call the THS 24-Hour Attendance Hotline at (541) 744-5027, as soon as possible. You can also send an email message to:

Students’ attendance is very important to the staff at Thurston High School. If students are in not in class, they are not learning.

Students arriving after the bell are marked tardy by the teacher. If a student is more than 30 minutes late to a class they MUST report to the Student Services office to receive a green admit slip. The student then proceeds to their class and provides the slip to the teacher to get it signed.

If a student misses a class or multiple classes, and it is unexcused (skipping), the teacher can write a THS Major Referral and require the student to attend an Academic Recovery (AR) session. Teachers can also write a Minor Citation for minor behaviors that occur in the classroom. Teachers will be contacting parents/guardians when write a Major Referral or Minor Citation.  If a student fails to attend the required AR session they can be assigned additional ARs. Failure to comply with these reasonable requests can result in additional consequences per the THS Student Handbook.

The Academic Recovery sessions are as follows:

  • After School (½ hour) – Student Services
  • During Lunch (½ hour) – 11:10 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. – Cafeteria or Student Services

A student’s attendance is directly related to their academic performance. Knowing this, our aim at Thurston High School is not to punish our students for poor attendance, rather to provide structure where students are taught the skills required to be successful regardless of the setting. We want to partner with you to ensure success.

Please remember to call Students Services at 541-744-5027 to excuse your student’s absence if they miss school for appointments, are sick, or have other family related issues.