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All Students Belong

The statewide Every Student Belongs procedures help us communicate we take issues of discrimination, harassment, and intimidation seriously. Sometimes people targeted / harassed are left unsure of what is being done to support them and wonder if their concerns are being taken seriously.

Every Student Belongs (OAR 581-022-2312) acknowledges the seriousness of discrimination and harassment by requiring a written response to a complaint, including notification when an investigation is complete.


Response Procedures

As we work to implement this state mandate, we have learned from other schools. Springfield Publics School has adopted this Bias Response Procedure. We want to take this time to preview some of the key procedures of Every Student Belongs with our students and families so we know what to expect.

Under Every Student Belongs, there are required notifications (letters) when a complaint is received, when a student is being investigated under this procedure, when a student has been targeted, and when an investigation is complete.

Under Every Student Belongs, there is an explicit focus on the restorative actions needed to change behavior of individuals engaging in harmful behaviors; and the restorative supports needed to repair harm for students being harmed.

When Does This Apply?

We want to share what we notice on our campus and encourage you to talk about these issues with your child. Our most frequent reports are about the use of harassing language or words. Harassing language happens in many forms. Our most common reports of harassing language are around sexual orientation, race, or disability.

Sometimes we hear things from students like: “it was a joke” or “____ said I could say ___.” Sometimes students do not understand the harm their words have on the wellbeing of others. Hateful or derogatory language is not acceptable at Thurston High School.

In all reported cases of discrimination or harassment, Every Student Belongs will apply.


Below are some answers to common questions:

Q: Why now?
A: The state of Oregon finalized adoption of Every Student Belongs in 2021, and more recently released specific procedures for communicating, investigating, and resolving complaints of harassment.

Q: How can I make a report?
A: Directly to an administrator. Directly to any school staff member.

We encourage direct reports whenever possible. Administrators (the Principal and Assistant Principals) are responsible for implementing the procedures under Every Student Belongs. We are best able to investigate the report when we can gather additional information.

Understanding that not every student feels comfortable making a direct report, we also have a way to make reports anonymously through our “See Something, Say Something” QR code. These are posted around campus.